Electronic Documentation for home health THERAPISTS.

Offline app with auto-syncing capability!

home health therapy software electronic documentation

Why clients love our electronic documentation:

  • No need to invest in designated and specific devices that need pre-loaded software. Pariox works on all the smartphones, tablets, and laptops that most of your clinicians already use and own today (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Completed documentation is instantly available for viewing, PDF downloading, and printing by your staff and the home health agencies you serve.
  • Save valuable time! Lots of information including goals, care plan, treatments, and patient demographic data is carried over from one visit note to the next. This feature can be turned on or off by the Administrator according to preference.
  • Real patient electronic signatures make your process 100% paperless.
  • Supervisors can co-sign assistant notes with the click of a button.
  • No more hustling to get notes to your client Home health agencies in a timely manner. HHAs can view/print/batch print/download notes instantly through their own, secure portal in real time. Pariox staff provide your HHAs with all the support and training they need to get to know their easy-to-use portal.
  • Visit documentation is integrated into our streamlined Billing and Payroll tools.
home health therapy software electronic documentation

Defensible and compliant documentation:

  • While Pariox offers ample space for free text and creative goal writing, our software also promotes the use of objective and functional goals that are automatically generated on each evaluation based on the deficits documented throughout the assessment.
  • Pariox is designed with limited “cookie cutter” electronic documentation (as is presently widespread in EMRs today). Our software limits the risk of “over-documentation” which is under growing scrutiny by auditors.
  • 100% legibility that your client home health agencies will love! The risk of denial due to illegibility is null.
  • Validated required fields ensure that your therapists don’t leave out pertinent information, which decreases the need for note auditing.
  • Optimize reimbursement! All goals are automatically pre-populated on each and every note, which makes it virtually impossible not to address goals for every visit.
  • Compliance with the plan of care is made easy since only interventions and treatments for which orders are written/received can be used on any given note.
  • Fill out Physician Order Forms online: new goals and interventions automatically appear on subsequent notes when MD orders are obtained.

The bottom line is, Pariox electronic documentation will save you time and money. And, with your home health agency clients raving about our organized, complete documentation, you willSEE YOUR BUSINESS GROW!