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Pariox is an all-in-one software solution for home health THERAPY companies.
All features are integrated, saving you time and money! Pariox was created by therapists, so it’s intuitive and easy to use.
Electronic Documentation
Therapists save time documenting with Pariox’s dynamic e-Notes. Lots of information including goals, care plan,
and visit-specific data is pre-filled and carried over from one note to the next.
With our FREE iOS App, therapists can fill out e-Notes, capture patient signatures, etc. from their mobile device
WITHOUT an internet connection!
More than just a calendar. Pariox eliminates scheduling errors!
Medicare Compliance
30-day re-assessment and other supervisory visit ALERTS, automatic visit counts, and weekly visit projections make compliance with CMS rules
easier than ever before.
Referral Management
Receive referrals online from your client home health agencies OR manually enter referrals in seconds.
Billing & Payroll
Seamlessly create accurate invoices and paystubs with our integrated documentation, scheduling, and billing/payroll tools.
Interdisciplinary Communication
Pariox’s secure, organized, and user-friendly messaging system bridges the “communication” gap between clinicians,
therapy office staff, and home health agencies.
HR Tools
Hassle FREE clinician credentialing with automatic HR notifications and easy, secure HR document sharing with your
client home health agencies.
Intuitive Reports
Office staff, management, and business owners have 24/7/365 access to useful reports with real-time data to optimize
operational decision-making.

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