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"Shop the rest, then go with the best .... PARIOX rocks!! Pariox is a state of the art scheduling, tracking, billing, payroll, and communication tool for our home health therapy business. The Pariox support team is consistently bettering the product to assist the admin, supervising, and clinician staff.
I've been using Pariox for several years now and can't imagine going back to using manual spreadsheets for monitoring caseloads.
Two agencies, whom with we have contracts, have their own software product which seems more complicated and "busy" than the easy to maneuver around Pariox product."

Lory, office manager HH Therapy Co. (FL)

"As a home care provider, using Pariox is like taking your fellow clinicians and office support staff with you on every visit. Pariox is a vital tool for efficient and effective documentation and communication.
Gone are the days of keeping multiple files and juggling piles of paper while on the road. I no longer need to wait for evaluations to be processed prior to scheduling a patient visit. With just a few clicks, all pertinent information is available, even on my smart phone. It is easy to keep clinical supervisors updated via the comment section, and to coordinate scheduling with other disciplines.
Pariox has had a huge impact on both saving time and money (no frequent trips to the office store for ink and paper, or running to the post office on Saturday mornings).
Pariox is quick, concise, easy to use and is a true benefit to both staff and patients."

Anonymous =), PT (LA)

"Pariox is a great program as there is no guessing what visit I am treating and what was authorized. It is very user friendly as I am not computer savvy in any way. I also use Pariox to look at original orders and communicate among all disciplines. Would highly recommend this program to all home health agencies to prevent errors and compliance with all of Medicare rules (30 day, etc). "

Catherine Garcia, PTA (FL)

"Pariox is an invaluable tool that helps me with all aspects of working in the home health environment. I could not imagine working in the home health arena without Pariox. I am currently using two different software systems for other agencies and they do not compare to Pariox. Pariox is, in my opinion, the top of the line in home health software."

Laura, PT Clinical Supervisor (FL)

"In today's complicated world of combined visits for multiple reassessments, PARIOX is a must have for any rehabilitation company. This therapist-friendly web-based program is invaluable for scheduling, interdisciplinary and office communication, HR document tracking and for a long list of other features. PARIOX has super customer service; we are always amazed by the rapid response to our questions. Thanks PARIOX for helping us to stay connected, organized and sane!"

Janice - Dir Q&A of a Home Health Therapy Agency (FL)

"Pariox is a wonderful therapy staffing tool that makes the ever changing home care field manageable. The features are up-to-date and very helpful. The often confusing and hard to track 13/19 re-assessment rule is simplified and easy to track with Pariox and it's alerts and tracking system. The vast reports help keep the therapist and staffing agency compliant and organized to ensure that patients are seen and receive the best care possible. Pariox has been a blessing to our company and we would recommend it to any staffing agency."

Heather, PTA (FL)

"Pariox is a very user friendly system for our clinicians and administrators. The Pariox staff have been responsive to our requests for changes and recommended improvements to meet our needs. "

Matt Hanson, PT Supervisor (UT)

"Pariox has been amazing at helping to keep track of patients and company activity, especially the 13/19 visits. Pariox has also made communication between therapists, office staff and referral sources easier and more effective. Scheduling, billing, and the options for tracking ALL information in the reports section allows for insight into business trends and allows for improved efficiency with regards to employees AND marketing. The customer service has been immediate and of the highest quality, the training available for our therapists and referral sources, priceless! Also, since it is smart phone friendly, getting updates done is a breeze. Thank you so much to all of the staff and workers at Pariox, keep up the great work."

Rafael, MSPT and Owner of a Home Health Therapy Subcontracting Company (Austin, TX)

"I just have to say, once again, that Pariox is an amazing tool. I love seeing the payroll info now...and all the details given. I just think it is fabulous. And all the new shortcuts from visit to visit on the eForms is so helpful. It saves so much time. I used to have to pull up the previous note to review prior to writing the current note to see what I did, etc, but now with it being already written in...it is so good...and has really helped speed up the process of note writing. It is so much easier to write more complete detailed notes with these eforms. I am just so happy using Pariox. Thank you, thank you."

Patti, PTA (FL)

"As I small business owner we were used to doing everything manually but as our business expanded we discovered that we needed to invest in new technology. We are eternally grateful to the entire Pariox team for approaching us and presenting us with Pariox."

Chris, Owner of a Home Health Therapy Company (Miami, FL)

“I love using Pariox! It is a user friendly and easy way to keep track of my patients. The symbols as reminders help make sure I do not miss any visits, and when supervising PTA's it allows me to communicate easily as well as monitor visits and/or missed visits. Altogether, Pariox has taken away my stress... I do not have to worry anymore about 'am I forgetting any patients?' Communication between disciplines is also improved and Pariox makes multiple discipline scheduling much more efficient.

I also appreciate having the patient address map on screen with the other patient information. This makes initial patient scheduling quicker, helps me plan my route for the day and save on drive time.”

Marci, Physical Therapist with 8 yrs of Home Health experience

"I can not imagine surviving the home health industry without Pariox! It is the most effective way to communicate with other clinicians, schedule visits, plan a hectic work week and find all the information you need without making a single call! It reduces errors in over or under scheduling which can easily happen with increased patient load. Therapsits of different disciplines can know exactly when they are each treating the patient in that week and can conference without the interuption of phonecalls during the work day. I dont remember life before pariox! We all love the program!"
Natalie, PTA

Natalie, Home Health Therapist (FL)

"Pariox has been an excellent tool to not only promote efficiency, but positvely effect patient outcome. The ability to easily communicate with fellow clinicians, administrators and supervisors provides a team approach to patient care without on-site meetings. Access to patient information, scheduling and documentation are available with a few clicks, a real time saver in an often hectic job!"

Fran, LPTA (VA)

"Pariox is a wonderful staffing and case management tool. Having worked in the home health industry for 9 years, Pariox is the best program I have used. The reports make it easy to case manage and patients do not fall through the cracks. Pariox makes scheduling and staffing a pleasure."

Angie, Staffing Coordinator Therapy Group (FL)

"Just had to let you know how wonderful your program, Pariox is. Not only does it save a huge amount of time calling and or emailing it is also very efficient and detail oriented. It’s easy to navigate and everything you need is in one place. I absolutely love it and I know it will be a huge success. A user-friendly program has finally arrived to the home health agency world!"

Miriam, Staffing Coordinator Homecare Agency (OH)

"The computerized program Pariox is phenomenal! I find it to be invaluable with scheduling & tracking patients, communicating with my colleagues and administrative staff, and accessing reports."

Mary Ann Porter, OTR (FL)