How Deeply You Care For Your Elderly Patients Is the Main Ingredient Of Success!

Have you ever wondered if your skills and techniques are up to par and effective? Well, now there’s growing evidence that HOW DEEPLY YOU CARE FOR YOUR ELDERLY PATIENTS IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT OF SUCCESS!

Here’s a recent study: “A study conducted to illuminate older adults’ perceptions of multi-professional team’s caring skills as success factors for health support in short-term-goal-directed reablement. After periods in hospitals to strengthen their multidimensional health, older adults’ reablement processes are supported to return to their daily life as soon as possible. This study set out to identify the professionals’ approach that works as success factors for health support in the reablement process. A design with 23 older persons who had received short-term-goal-directed reablement at home after a period at hospital was used. The analysis revealed four major referential aspects of multi professional team’s caring skills as success factors for health support in short-term-goal-directed reablement: A MOTIVATING CAREGIVER, A POSITIVE-ATMOSPHERE CREATING CAREGIVER, A HUMAN FELLOWSHIP-ORIENTED CAREGIVER and A CAREGIVER WHO GOES BEYOND THE EXPECTED. In this study, all caring skills in the continuum are perceived as positively loaded necessities in different situations during the reablement process. Caring skills as success factors are initially shown at a practical level, such as how the professional caregivers encourage and motivate the older persons in different training situations. At a deeper level, the caregivers open their hearts and have the capacity to go beyond the expected in the professional caregiver–patient relationship. The multi professional team’s best fit caring skills during the home reablement process need to be addressed as evidence base in the area of elderly home care.” Source: ‘Best fit’ caring skills of an interprofessional team in short?term goal?directed reablement: older adults’ perceptions Lena Karin Gustafsson PhD, RTN, RN Gunnel Östlund PhD Viktoria Zander PhD, Phty Magnus L. Elfström PhD, RP Els?Marie Anbäcken PhD First published: 17 January 2019

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