Optimize your Home Healthcare staffing Operation

Pariox helps you run your home care business better—more efficiently—more profitably. Pariox is developed by experts in the home healthcare field FOR home healthcare agencies, home health care subcontracting companies and private duty companies.

Throw out tedious excel files for HR and Case Load tracking. Instead, easily run dozens of useful reports on Pariox to instantly find out what each clinician’s case load is, which clinicians have HR documents expiring, etc.

Stop putting your clients on hold while you look for patient data through filing cabinets or files on your desktop. Instead, access REAL-TIME patient data and schedules on Pariox in seconds.

Stop spending hours creating invoices; typing each patient’s name and manually adding dollar amounts.  Instead, use Pariox to turn billing into a two-step process.

Get rid of incorrect paper schedules. Instead, have your clinical staff and subcontractors schedule all visits on Pariox and be assured that all visits are scheduled within the Certification/Authorization period, according to the Plan of Care and in congruence with the Medicare/Insurance week of each Home Healthcare agency (or referral source).

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