Survival of the ‘Automated’: contain costs

Professionals in the home healthcare industry are very aware of the Medicare Reimbursement changes that are slowly approaching. Home care businesses will experience a net decrease in Medicare Reimbursement particularly for therapy services. Home care companies that employ or contract physical, occupational and speech therapists also know that these highly educated professionals deserve no penny less for their thorough assessments and treatments. To keep the highest quality homecare therapists on board, homecare companies will have to contain costs while continuing to offer competitive pay. The survival of homecare contract companies will strictly depend on how successful they are at keeping IN-HOUSE and operational costs low by means of implementing efficient and automated processes (software). For example, if the HR process is automated, the HR rep can spend more time on Recruiting and growing the homecare business instead of spending countless hours on sending repetitive HR emails to unresponsive field staff.  In addition, it is much more cost-effective to implement automated Staffing, Scheduling, Invoicing and Payroll processes than it is to hire an additional part-time or full-time Staffing Coordinator or Accounting Manager.

 The equation that will greatly benefit homecare therapy contracting companies is as follows:

  Decrease Costs by implementing Automated Processes at a Low Cost.

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